After visiting events in Germany like Bad Camberg and Hessisch Oldendorf, we wanted to bring an old German atmosphere together with strictly Vintage Volkswagens. The Phoenix Club in Anaheim, California is a true "old school" German Cultural Club, as well as the perfect host for an event like this. The So Cal Vintage Treffen is limited to 1961 and earlier "small taillight" Beetles and Busses, 1959 and earlier "low light" Karmann Ghias, Military Vehicles and early coachbuilts. Our first event held in September 2007 turned out to be a big success, and the plan is to hold it every other year opposite the Solvang Vintage Meet put on by the Golden Gate Chapter of the VVWCA. So if you have an old VW collecting dust in the garage and you want to show it off, or if you're just looking for an excuse to have an authentic German Bratwurst and beer... the So Cal Vintage Treffen is just the place for you.




September 13th, 2015

5th International So-Cal Vintage Treffen

Car Show/Vendor Gate opens @ 6:00 am
Spectator Gate opens @ 8:00 am
Show Judging ends, Ballots due @ 11:00 am
German Dancers and Entertainment @ 1:00 pm
Car Show Awards @ 3:00 pm



Spectator Admission $10 
(kids 12 and under free)

Standard Car Show Entry $20
(includes car and driver)

Deluxe Car Show Entry $60
(includes car and driver + 1 passenger)

Vendor/Swap Spot $40
(Includes 2 people)


The Phoenix Club
1340 S. Sanderson Avenue
Anaheim, California 92806
(714) 563-4166


 Hotel Info 

2550 E. Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA  92806

The Ayres Hotel will be the recommended hotel for the 4th International Southern California Vintage VW Treffen.

The Ayres is the official hotel of the Phoenix Club and offers a special rate of $112/single and $120/double (includes breakfast and parking) when you mention the "VW Treffen" and the group code "VW0907".

The Ayres is a very nice hotel, with a great European atmosphere, the closest one to the Phoenix Club, and within a reasonable walking distance. A block of rooms is being saved until August 15th, so if you think you want to stay at the Ayres, be sure and get your reservation asap! The hotel phone number is 714/634-2106.


 Swap / Vendor Info   

Vendor and Swap spaces at the 2015 Vintage VW Treffen will be available! Each spot is aprox 15’x20’ and will include 2 Spectator Admissions. Any additional tickets can be purchased at the front gate for $10 each. Vendor/Swap spots will be $40 each and can be paid for at the gate Sunday morning. Spaces are on a first come first serve basis.

 Car Show Info 

**New for 2015, the Treffen will now allow 1961 and earlier Beetles and Buses!!!**

The So-Cal Vintage Treffen is limited to the first 200 cars registered. This event in particular is specifically for 1961 and earlier "Small Taillight"  Beetles and Buses, 1959 and earlier "low light" Karmann Ghias, WWII Military and early VW Coachbuilts. Because of our limited room at the Phoenix Club, we have to limit the vehicle count to 200. If there are spots available after pre-registration closes, we will take entries the day of the event until our maximum capacity is reached.  

**For the Southern California Vintage VW Treffen we offer two levels of entry**

$60 Deluxe Entry: This will get both driver and one passenger (must be riding along in the car) and the vehicle. For your deluxe Entry you will be included in the judging portion of the event and receive the "goodie bag" including the limited edition, numbered car badge and event pin. If you have entered in a previous Treffen event and would like the same number as before, that can be arranged. Also, the vehicles picked to park in the Beer Garden and Festal-Tent will be chosen from our Deluxe Entries only. 
now open!
Click here to download the Deluxe Treffen Entry Form


$20 Standard Entry: These entries will be sold at the gate, on the morning of the event, as space allows. Standard entry participants will be able to park inside on the grass along with all the other early vehicles and register for the show. The Standard entry is for the guy who wants to show up and park inside, but not necessarily interested in receiving any of the limited edition goodies. Be advised that there will be limited Standard entries based on the number of pre-registered Deluxe entries.


Each participant will receive a judging card to fill out and return to the car show registration booth. You are to vote for one car in each class except the class you are registered in. A first place and runner-up award will be given out for each class along with a few specialty awards to be determined later. 

 Show Classes

A1   Split Window - 1949 and earlier
A2   Split Window - 1950 to October 1952
A3   Split Window - “Zwitter” Oct ’52 to March ‘53
A4   Split Window - Convertible (including hebmuller)
A5   Split Window - Unrestored All Years
B1   Oval Window sedan - April 1953 – 1955
B2   Oval Window sedan - 1956 – 1957
B3   Oval Window Sunroof - All Years
B4   Oval Window Convertible - All Years
B5   Oval Window Unrestored - All Years
C1   Beetle Sedan - 1958-1961
C2   Beetle Sunroof - 1958-1961
C3   Beetle Convertible - 1958-1961
C4   Beetle Unrestored - 1958-1961
D1   Karmann Ghia coupe - 1959 and earlier
D2   Karmann Ghia convertible - 1959 and earlier
E1   Barndoor - Passenger Bus
E2   Barndoor - Commercial Bus
E3   Post Barndoor - Passenger Bus
E4   Post Barndoor - Commercial Bus
E5   Barndoor Bus - Unrestored
E6   Post Barndoor Bus - Unrestored
F1   Coachbuilt
G1   Porsche 356 A and earlier
H1   Military
Plus special awards for Oldest Car, Longest Distance "driven", Best Original car, Best Advertising Bus, Best display,

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 2013 Car Show Results 

A1 - Split Window 1949 and earlier

1st Kohrogi Bros - Hermosa Beach, Ca.
Runner Up no entries

A3 - Split Window "Zwitter"
1st Richie Morris - Fullerton, Ca.
Runner Up Laszlo Elo - Port Hueneme, Ca.

A5 - Split Window Unrestored All Years
1st Ismael Membreno - Los Angeles, Ca.
Runner Up John Kloss - Chino Hills, Ca.

B2 - Oval Window Sedan 1956-1957
1st David Gaulke - Orange, Ca.
Runner Up Leif Christensen - Phoenix, Az.

B4 - Oval Window Convertible All Years
1st Frank Espinoza - Westminster, Ca.
Runner Up Norm Batchelder - Newport Beach, Ca.

C1 - Karmann Ghia Coupe 1959 and Earlier
1st Bert Fiedler - Whittier, Ca.
Runner Up Raul Troncoso - Rosemead, Ca.

D1 - Barndoor Passenger Bus
1st Eric Henrikson - Folsom, Ca.
Runner Up Carlos Avina - Santa Ana, Ca.

D3 - Post Barndoor Passenger Bus
1st Scott McWilliams - Vista, Ca.
Runner Up Bryan Davidson - Huntington Beach, Ca.

D5 - Barndoor Bus Unrestored
1st no entries
Runner Up no entries

E1 - Vintage Custom All Models
1st Mark Erkelans - Lancaster, Ca.
Runner Up Ray Robinson - Thousand Oaks, Ca.

G1 - Coachbuilt
1st Erik Meyer - San Luis Obispo, Ca.
Runner Up Erik Ouwersloot - Montrose, Ca.

"Oldest Car"
Steve Beecher - Huntington Beach, Ca.
1947 Beetle

"Best Original Car"
Rick Spohn - San Martin, Ca
1957 Beetle

A2 - Split Window 1950 to October 1952
1st Gary Clifford - Fresno, Ca.
Runner Up Randy Slack - Phoenix, Az.

A4 - Split Window Convertible All Years
1st Mike Malamut - Thousand Oaks, Ca.
Runner Up no entries

B1 - Oval Window Sedan April 1953-1955
1st Kimble Ritch - Lake Forest, Ca.
Runner Up Steve Myers - Acton, Ca.

B3 - Oval Window Sunroof All Years
1st Louie Hernandez - Corona, Ca.
Runner Up Tom Niedernhofer - Oakland, Ca.

B5 - Oval Window Unrestored All Years
1st Robert Peters - Sierra Madre, Ca.
Runner Up Rick Spohn - San Martin, Ca.

C2 - Karmann Ghia Convertible 1959 and Earlier
1st Mike Malamut - Thousand Oaks, Ca.
Runner Up Mario Rios - Rialto, Ca.

D2 - Barndoor Commercial Bus
1st no entries
Runner Up
no entries.

D4 - Post Barndoor Commercial Bus
1st Peter Keesling - San Martin, Ca.
Runner Up Jimmy Perez - Pico Rivera, Ca.

D6 - Post Barndoor Bus Unrestored
1st no entries
Runner Up no entries

F1 - Porsche 356 A and pre-A
1st James Alton - San Dimas, Ca.
Runner Up Kelly Whittemore - Menifee, Ca.

H1 - Military
1st no entries
Runner Up no entries

"Longest Distance Driven"
Willie Mortimer - Newport, Or.

"Best Display"
Tracy Davis - Los Angeles, Ca.



"The Kircher"
This award in memory of our dear friend Erich Kircher.

This award is picked by the Treffen promoters and goes to their favorite car of the show.

This years award went to Erik Anderson from Fallbrook, Ca with his beautiful 1956 Coral Red Oval Window beetle.